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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione (DIETI)

Network Monitoring and Measurements  

Time and Path diversity in IP networks


The current Internet scenario poses several challenges to the infrastructure, and different approaches have been proposed in literature towards the Future Internet. Adopting an evolutionary approach, in this research activities we study how space and time diversity at IP layer can help to overcome limitations of current Internet infrastructure. We work on techniques implementing what we call informed diversity: space and time diversity using information about the status of the network to make informed decisions about the operating parameters. We adopt a methodology composed of theoretical, simulation, and experimental analysis, and we provide contributions in terms of methodologies and techniques for network monitoring, and in terms of innovative techniques and tools for space and time diversity at IP layer.




  • LATINO - Un sistema innovativo di LocAlizzazione e Tracciamento di Individui per l'Ottimizzazione di percorsi in ambienti indoor

Papers, TR, Documentation

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Source code*

TimeD is a prototype implementation of a packet interleaver for Linux based on libipq. It is a continuosly evolving project, aimed of deploying time diversity at IP layer, despite the application, transport protocol, and network technology in use. Alpha versions of TimeD are currently available under the terms of GNU GPL.

TimeD Simulator Based on Matlab, it allows to study time diversity at IP layer at a high level.
TimeD v0.1 First version. It requires the manual configuration of the operating parameters.
TimeD v0.2 Second version. A lot of improvements for stability and auto-configuration of the operating parameters.

*Software Disclaimer: we assume no responsibility whatsoever for using tools in the previous list.

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Student contributors

- Alessandro Ferraiuolo
- Giansimone Perrino
- Carlo Ruggiero
- Rosario Mattera
- Rosa Guerra
- Antonino Esposito

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