Universita' degli Studi di Napoli ''Federico II'' (Italy)
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione (DIETI)
Hynetd (Hybrid Network Topology Discovery) 


21/11/2007 == version 0.2.5 ==
  • Added mergeNodes() function to allow the fusion of two nodes during pair-wise alias resolution phases.
  • Fixed a bug causing PingRR alias resolution technique to fail when the TTL value for the destination is underestimated.
  • Fixed another bug causing false positives using PingRR alias resolution technique for some destinations on the same subnet of the Hynetd host.
  • Substituted gethostbyaddr() function with thread-safe getaddrinfo() function
  • Fixed a bug causing domain names to be permanently truncated at a fixed size
  • Now links obtained from SNMP not belonging to a /30 or /31 subnet are filtered out.
  • Added a conflict control during subnet creation using SNMP information. In some cases erroneus netmasks obtained by SNMP cause the creation of wide subnets (like '/16') that heavily compromise the accuracy.
  • The number of SNMP queries sent to each node is now minimized exploiting the key ip address part of the OID name. A new version of the snmpGetNext() funcion, called snmpGetNextE(), has been created.
  • Now SNMP queries filter out all local and INADDR_ANY addresses and all related fields in multi-column tables. Also the association of different fields of the same row is done in a safer way
  • Debug file couples.log is now created only in debug level 2 and bigger. This file can be really large, so check disk space before enabling it.
  • Fixed a bug in backtrace algorithm involving TTL counter switching from forward to backward mode
  • Fixed a bug involving max TTL value causing segmentation fault in some cases
  • Modified Makefile to permit debug mode (with debug levels) activation without modifications to the file. Now to enable it just type: make debug=1
  • Added install and uninstall targets to Makefile
  • IP addresses involved in a serial link now are forced to be router and are added to router list
  • Added the function CleanRouters to eliminate hosts from router list

16/03/2007 == version 0.2.4 ==
  • Reorganized package folders
  • Added -P option to simply execute ping toward each IP address belonging to given ranges (Useful to quickly estimate # of active addresses)
  • Added a more efficient heuristic to discover serial links using ICMP data. Now a "-l" option is available to switch from old method to the new one.
  • Moved alias resolution between addresses with the same (not NULL) precHopRR from link reconstruction to aliasing phase 1

24/01/2007 == version 0.2.3 ==
  • Fixed a bug causing segmentation fault during output generation