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D-ITG, Distributed Internet Traffic Generator 

Download (updated on July 2, 2013):

D-ITG is open-source and completely free. For professional services please refer to NM2.

If you are using D-ITG for scientific papers, academic lectures, project reports, or technical documents, please help us increasing D-ITG impact by adding a reference to:
A. Botta, A. Dainotti, A. Pescapè, "A tool for the generation of realistic network workload for emerging networking scenarios", Computer Networks (Elsevier), 2012, Volume 56, Issue 15, pp 3531-3547. (Article) (BibTex)

Software Disclaimer: we assume no responsibility whatsoever for using tools in the previous list.

D-ITG includes a modified version of the newran library, which is distributed under the same terms as the original license.

Latest Version

MD5: 2780b0172b5b6a808a1f696d857e1ef0
platform independent source code
MD5: 1be4f03843a35b2cab05e0e6e63eb796
Windows binary files
MD5: ee06f26f413277e0a189d69c498ee15a
Windows binary files (IPv6 disabled)

Latest Version (debug-enabled binaries)
MD5: e19d6a712c2dc16681320d2eb3f27b81
Windows binary files
MD5: eba1a43e684f1d15070ddb1d5ba2a610
Windows binary files (IPv6 disabled)

Previous Versions
MD5: 691f09a407cfa9965484220d9a97f914
Linux Familiar (2.4.19) binary files

If you use a version less or equal than 2.4, when refering to D-ITG, please cite the following reference: S. Avallone, D. Emma, A. Pescapè, G. Ventre, "Performance evaluation of an open distributed platform for realistic traffic generation", Performance Evaluation (Elsevier), ISSN: 0166-5316 - Vol. 60, Issues 1-4, May 2005, pp 359-392

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